In order to ensure a pleasant stay, we ask our guests to read the instructions and respect the rules of the structure.


•  Check-in from 16.00 (4.00 p.m.)
•  Check-out by 11.00 am (11.00 am)

Time keeping is key to ensuring a smooth and smooth experience and allowing staff to prepare apartments for new guests.


The property can be accessed by self check-in.
The main door and the entrance door of the apartment open directly from your mobile phone and therefore it is very important, when booking, to enter a valid and working telephone number, on which, before arrival, an SMS will be sent containing a link and a personal code to be typed on the keyboard of the mobile phone.
The message also contains the Wi-Fi credentials of the apartment and the request for guests to enter the data on the identity card or passport to allow the property to complete the mandatory administrative formalities.
It is not allowed to stay in the structure to people other than those whose details have been provided or to guests other than the capacity of the apartment as indicated by the structure. Violation of this rule will result in immediate termination of the contract, without refund of the price of the reservation.
The apartments must be returned as delivered or ordered, free from personal belongings and garbage, without breakage or damage.


The hours of silence, from 22 p.m. to 9 a.m. and from 13 p.m. to 15:30 p.m., are established to ensure the rest and well-being of all guests. Respecting these times means avoiding disturbances and ensuring a peaceful environment for those who want to rest or sleep during these hours.


Residence San Luca is committed to the environment and promotes separate collection. Guests are therefore invited to carry out a careful separate collection of waste, as required by the City of Bologna (plastic, paper, glass, organic) and dispose of the same in special bins located a few meters from the Residence, in VIA XXI APRILE and to give ONLY the MIXED WASTE collection in the appropriate green bins located in the courtyard.


We ask our guests to respect the following rules when using the apartments:

•  No smoking allowed;
•  Prohibition of the introduction of animals;
•  No party or harassment with shouting or inappropriate behaviour;
•  No linen outside the apartments or in the courtyard;
•  Do not use too many appliances at the same time, this may cause an overload and thus power failure.
•  Do not leave lights on or windows open when you are away from home;
•  The heating-air conditioning system is regulated to a suitable temperature. In all apartments there is a white retractable chronothermostat that can only be used to adjust the temperature to your liking.

Guests are required to leave the apartment in the same condition in which it was found, without damage or broken objects. This ensures that subsequent guests can enjoy the same level of comfort and cleanliness. You are invited to leave the apartment in order, free from personal belongings and garbage, to empty the refrigerator and not to leave dirty kitchen utensils and to wash.
In case of damage, it is also important to report them immediately to the staff to allow the necessary repair or replacement.

Non-compliance with these rules may result in charges at check-out.